Frequently asked questions

Why not use GPS to track shots?

GPS devices, which use satellite signals for location tracking, may not always be precise. In golf, where accuracy is key, even slight measurement errors or inaccuracies in determining the ball's position can affect the reliability of your statistics. For example, GPS might not accurately identify a ball that is a foot from the green but still in the rough. We've found that manually recording details, such as the type of lie, is a more accurate and reliable method that requires minimal effort..

Why is strokes gained statistics so valuable?

Strokes gained statistics is highly valuable in golf as it offers a more accurate and detailed performance analysis compared to traditional metrics. It enables golfers and coaches to identify specific strengths and weaknesses in various aspects of the game, such as tee shots, approach, short game, and putting. This data aids in making strategic decisions on the course, helping players choose when to take risks or play conservatively. Additionally, strokes gained allows for effective benchmarking against peers and professional standards, setting realistic goals and motivational targets. It also facilitates customized training regimens, focusing on particular areas needing improvement.

Who is this scorecard best for?

This scorecard and app is specifically designed for golfers looking for that little extra information about their game to help better inform their practice sessions leading to improved on course performances.

What are the dimensions of the scorecard?

A Postround Scorecard is 4.5in x 14.75in.

Is this tournament legal?

Yes, since you don't have to use your phone or GPS during your round, this is completely legal to use during tournaments.

Is the mobile app free?

Yes, you can save all your rounds and view all your statistics completely free on our mobile app.

How many cards does it come with?

There are two pack sizes to choose from. A "Standard Pack" that contains 6 cards and a "Pro Pack" that contains 32 cards. If you're looking to supply cards for a whole team contact us at for a special rate.

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